Make a difference with Bindl.

Have an adventure, explore the world and become a better you.

Make a positive impact wherever you are.

The platform helps you make an impact on the environment and the community you are in by giving you an abundant choice of eco-friendly and socially responsible activities, events, experiences and services (called quests). These quests could be on all manners of topics and all over the world. If you what you need is not an available choice - create your own quest on our platform or find someone who can help you with that.

It is our intention to make it easier for you to be active, for the benefit of the environment and society, anywhere and at any time.

Be flexible and creative

Bindl gives you the scene to perform as you wish. It gives you the right tools to operate as you can. We want you to be comfortable with your experiences and take as many steps as you can and want to at a time.

With us people can take their first steps in being active for the benefit of the environment and the community. Experienced volunteers and people with a sustainable lifestyle can find or create whatever they need as well. No matter how small or large the deed, you can do it, register it on Bindl to get rewarded, and start your green profile.

Everything can be found and organized with us. From cleaning a street to volunteering far from home months on end. You cannot find something? Let us know and we will make it possible. Let us work together, be flexible and be creative.

Be part of an active community.

Bindl is the platform, where people and organization build an interconnected community of like-minded active users, ready to help, learn from, and inspire each other.

If you want to get a holistic picture of what your peers in your area of interest are up to, if you would like specific help, or if would like to learn and experience something new - within the Bindl community you can review and find all potential partners based on their skills, interests and experience.

E.g. Have you never planted a tree? Get that experience by joining a quest and learning about that or finding someone, who has the knowledge to help you.

Track your progress and get rewarded.

Bindl is making it fun and worthwhile to be considerate and conscious about the environment and social impact we have. Our platform provides a gamified experience that rewards everyone for creating and participating in quests.

The more needed and beneficial the cause of the quest is, the higher the reward. Bindl will show you your progress and impact. You can display what you have achieved and use your rewards for discounts with our partners in order to promote and support sustainable and socially-friendly enterprises.

Our Vision

A world, in which people leave a positive impact on the environment and society in their lifestyle and actions.

Our Mission

To help people interact more harmoniously with the environment by encouraging their engagement in constructive actions and choices.

Our Goal

To give and better the tools and the space with which a community of building a better tomorrow, will be formed.

Meet our team

Vasiliy Kolebanov

Vasiliy Kolebanov

Founder / CEO

Victor Locoman

Victor Locoman


Femke Reitsma

Femke Reitsma


How it started?

Bindl was created by Vasiliy Kolebanov in 2021 as a passion project and a dream, born of Vasiliy's love for nature and care for the social, environmental and climate issues that he saw all around him.

The realization that these issues cannot be solved:

  • by sporadic, guilt-driven, and individual conscious sacrifices of one's lifestyle;
  • by companies "profit first" driven agendas;
  • nor by limited and uncoordinated governmental methods and legislations;

drove Vasiliy to seek a solution, with which coordination, accountability and ingenuity will be encouraged. This solution needed to motivate people to become better and learn more all the time, by working together and bringing positive impact to the environment and each other. Such a solution needs to be widely adopted and able to scale up, which is why Vasiliy started a social enterprise, named Bindl B.V.

The name Bindl is shortening of the word "bindle", which you might know from the subculture symbol of travelling and a life on the road that you might have seen in multiple cartoons and older movies. This symbol was chosen by Vasiliy as a recognition of minimalism, modesty and constraint in our approach to our lifestyles and travel habits.

It is our everyday lives and habits that we need to adjust slowly and with more consideration. It is not fair to force anyone to give up on any habit or comfort as each person is an individual with their own story, needs, and understandings. But we need to agree that each one of us can do better and teach the others how and where we can improve. We can do that on Bindl. Be creative. Be flexible. Be open-minded. Be collaborative. Be experimental. Be free of judgement. Whenever a good thing is being done, discussions on how to make it better and acceptable to all involved, are welcome. Bindl is the location to vote on these solutions and offerings, with a wide variety of categories and a community of like-minded people with one motto - Be better, do better, help the others.

This is Vasiliy's dream and now you have the chance to join it. As did Victor Locoman and Alexandre Aubert joined it later in 2021 to help him build and make it a functioning platform. Throughout 2022 they were constructing and testing the platform and now with the addition of Femke Reitsma's creative help, we are ready to grow and make our impact. It is a noble cause, but it needs you to try it in order to succeed for the benefit of all of us. It is up to you - would you join us?

Ready to start?

Have an adventure, explore the world and become a better you.